Evertaut tiered flooring in a lecture theatre pictured mid installation

Tiered Flooring & Carpeting

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As a leading UK manufacturer of commercial seating, our complete service also includes the design, manufacture and installation of tiered seating structures.

All Evertaut’s tiered seating structures are individually designed to take into account any under-floor services that may be required. We can design tiering to suit flat, stepped or raked floors, in straight rows or on a radius, whilst taking into consideration the viewing angles of the audience to ensure perfect lines of sight.

As part of our tiering service we also fit carpeting and trims of your choice. We can also include inspection hatches, cut outs for diffusers and plenum seals. Our tiering is manufactured using 50 x 50 sectional steel, fabricated for added strength and stability. Deck boards are made from 25mm birch ply with a 12mm riser board set into them.

All of our tiered seating products are tested to withstand 5KN/m2 and are designed with the following British Standards adhered to:

  • BS6399 Loading for Buildings Part 1
  • BS5950 Structural Use of Steelwork in Buildings
  • BS5260 Structural Use of Timber

To make an enquiry about Tiering, please contact us on 01254 297880, email sales@evertaut.co.uk, or click the ‘Make Enquiry’ button below.

Product Features

Product Code TIERING
Option Extras Inspection Hatches, Cut Outs for Diffusers, Plenum Seals