Close up of Evertaut red reception chairs and bright green padded stool embroidered with Chirpy Pets Vets logo

Personalised Seating

Close up of embroidered club badge on Evertaut VIP stadium seating at Bristol Rovers FC
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We can embroider your logo, crest or message onto any of our upholstered seats to create a unique and striking look in any area of your building.

From fixed auditorium seating in a theatre to loose chairs in a reception area, personalised seats can enhance your image and strengthen your brand.

Whether simple wording or an intricate coat of arms, our embroiderers can recreate your design in single or full colour in a variety of sizes. So whatever your seating requirements, ask us about personalisation and make your facilities stand out.

To make an enquiry about Personalised Seating, please contact us on 01254 297880, email, or click the ‘Make Enquiry’ button below.


Personalised Office Chairs

Selection of office chairs with embroidered logos on seat backs

Club Branded Stadium Seating

Football stadium seating branded with club logos

Personalised Theatre Seating

Personalised Theatre seating

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