Theatre & Cinema Seating

Evertaut is a leading UK designer and manufacturer of theatre seating and cinema seating – our seats can be found in hundreds of venues across the country.

Whether you want to maintain a traditional look in keeping with the heritage of an old building, or create a modern auditorium, our seating can be tailored to your requirements and to fit your unique venue. With a wide range of fabrics and colours to choose from, our skilled upholstery team can work with any fabric of your choice to create the exact look you desire. The design of your seats can be further enhanced with the addition of embroidered logos whilst cup holders, seat numbers, row letters, and mesh pockets can also be incorporated if required.

Evertaut understands that seating is a key part of the theatre and cinema experience as it’s where your audience will spend most of their time whilst in your venue. Our seating has evolved over many years to offer the perfect combination of comfort, quality and style whilst being strong and durable to withstand high frequency usage.

Theatre & Cinema Seating Products

Orion Auditorium Seating

Evertaut Orion red theatre seats


The Orion range includes three models of exceptionally versatile auditorium chairs with a flexibility that makes them ideal for use in ... read more >

Solar Theatre Chairs

Solar theatre chair

Product Code: SOLAR

The Solar theatre chair has been designed to be compact and economical, offering versatile theatre seating which is ideal for venues where space is at a premium or budgets ... read more >

Theatre & Cinema Seating Refurbishment

Traditional theatre seat after refurbishment by Evertaut Ltd


Evertaut can refurbish all types of theatre and cinema seating and are experienced in refurbishing seating in listed buildings. We offer a full range of seating refurbis... read more >

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