Seating Refurbishment

Evertaut offers a full range of seating refurbishment services for all types of auditorium seating including theatre, cinema, lecture theatre, conference, and stadium seating.

If your existing seating has seen better days it’s not always necessary to replace it with new. Many venues choose seating refurbishment as an alternative for various reasons, not least because it can be a more economical and cost effective option. Whether you have a historic or listed building with traditional seats that are worn out, or a modern venue with seating that is in need of a face-lift, Evertaut can tailor its seating refurbishment service to meet your requirements.

Seating Refurbishment Products

Theatre & Cinema Seating Refurbishment

Traditional theatre seat after refurbishment by Evertaut Ltd


Evertaut can refurbish all types of theatre and cinema seating and are experienced in refurbishing seating in listed buildings. We offer a full range of seating refurbis... read more >

Lecture Theatre Seating Refurbishment

Refurbished Lecture Theatre Chair


Evertaut can refurbish all types of lecture theatre seating from traditional fixed auditorium seats to chairs on a retractable seating unit. From simple reupholstery of the seats to ... read more >

Stadium Seating Refurbishment

Stadium seat reupholstered in black vinyl


From cleaning and powder-coating existing metal work to replacement foams and re-upholstery, Evertaut offers a range of refurbishment services for executive stadium seats. ... read more >

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