Bespoke Tiering & Seating

To complement our range of auditorium seating, Evertaut can design, manufacture and install bespoke tiered flooring and carpeting. If you have a requirement for a specific style or design of seats we can also work with you to create bespoke seating for your venue. From lecture theatres to theatres, we have created unique seating solutions for a range of establishments. Alternatively, you can make any of our standard range of seating bespoke to you by choosing our personalisation option where your logo, crest or message is embroidered onto seat backs, creating a truly unique look.

Bespoke Tiering & Seating Products

Tiered Flooring & Carpeting

Product Code: TIERING

As a leading UK manufacturer of commercial seating, our complete service also includes the design, manufacture and installation of tiered seating structures. All Evertaut’s tiered seat... read more >

Bespoke Seating

Swivel chairs and banquet seating in stalls area of theatre

Product Code: BESPOKE

If you want a specific style or unique look for your seating, Evertaut offers a bespoke design and manufacturing service. With a range of products, materials and s... read more >

Personalised Seating

Close up of embroidered club badge on Evertaut VIP stadium seating at Bristol Rovers FC


We can embroider your logo, crest or message onto any of our upholstered seats to create a unique and striking look in any area of your building.

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