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Training & Development

Evertaut has a dedicated team of staff, many of whom are long-standing employees who joined the company at a young age and remain loyal, having developed their skills and become specialists in their field. In addition to continuing to develop our existing team, we recognise the need to invest in new talent to ensure the next generation of employees have the skills and knowledge to produce quality products and provide outstanding service to our customers. In conjunction with North Lancs Training Group we offer apprenticeships which allow new, young employees to train whilst at the same time earning nationally accredited City & Guilds qualifications.


We recognise our ability to help the local community and as such have made several donations of furniture to charitable groups. We also make regular donations to several charities and have sponsored a local school's sports strip.

Local Environment

We ensure our grounds are regularly maintained to provide a pleasant local environment for our neighbours and a welcoming place for our staff to come to work.

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