Manchester City Football Club


During the 2009 pre-season, Premier League Football Club Manchester City, a club only looking to buy the best, were planning an upgrade on the seating in their Eastlands directors area and executive boxes.

Design Requirements:

Evertaut worked closely with the football club to design a chair to meet their exact requirements which included a high backed chair with a great degree of comfort, the capability of having a heated seat and back, and ensuring it met all of the building regulations.

From the client’s requirements the Olympian chair was born. A plush high backed executive stadium chair complete with club crest, company logo, and heated seat and back.

The seat and back are thermostatically heated to a constant range of between 50-52 degrees farenheit, and are controlled via a switch in the arm.

The Olympian seating was manufactured and installed to the club’s required programme ready for their first home pre-season friendly matches.


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